How to Start Packing And When To Move In Order To Pay Minimal Transport Cost?

If you are planning to move out to a new home due to professional or personal reasons, you need to arrange for a reliable packer and mover. The entire packing and moving process are so detailed and lengthy that you need to be really fussy to have everything packed and transported in one piece.

If you are doing it yourself, you have a herculean task at hand. The most basic thing that you need to start with is when to start packing. In fact, time is a very important factor in packing and moving everything right. However, this does not mean that you need to start 6 months before the date of moving. That is an impossibility.

How Long Is Suitable For Preparation?

You can start as early as two months. Moving not only means packing, but it also means surrendering some services, changing your home address, etc. These jobs are as important as packing your dressing table or wrapping your crockeries. The first thing you need to do is to stop services like telephone.  You can also pack all the crockeries and decorative stuff in the first leg of your preparation. Obviously, you can do without the crockeries or decorative furniture and wall hangings for say less than 2 months. So pack them up and keep them in a corner.

The Month Of Moving 

As days roll by into the month that you are scheduled to move, you need to inform the electricity services so that they don’t charge you for the next month and also don’t surrender the connection in the middle of the month. You need to be a bit flexible here and talk to the customer care about the perfect time for surrendering the electricity connection. You also need to surrender the gas connection and other services. Do all these early on this month. This will really give you some breathing space as far as organizing the whole thing is concerned. However, these are just preliminary tasks. You now need to ask for the assistance of a packer and mover so that you can sit back and just instruct them about the things to pack.


Packers and movers are experts in packing and moving. Indeed, packing and moving together is quite a delicate job that requires expert handlers. If you hire a professional and efficient moving company, you can expect such a delicate job. These companies offer professional service in the area of packing and moving. They are very much aware of the type of packing that each of your household articles needs. They will make sure that there are no broken crockeries, no dislodged furniture parts, and others.

However, you need to supervise the whole packing process since you may have some special instructions for some special items.

Moving, Unloading, And Unpacking

Once all the stuff has been packed, it is time to move. Moving is costly and more so if it is from one state to another. However, the rates go up during the weekends. If you engage them during the working days there is a likelihood that you can get a cheaper truck rate. This can bring down your cost of packing and moving.

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